Volunteer Membership Committee Position

Membership Committee Volunteer Position Opportunity

Volunteer Membership Committee Position Opportunity


A volunteer committee of band members (who are approved by the Chief, Council, & Membership Clerk) who are responsible for drafting BLCN's Custom Membership Law.


It is the Beaver Lake Cree Nation's Membership Committee's main objective to ensure First Nation members and prospective members be provided with fair, consistent band services with equal opportunity through the implementation of the BLCN Custom Membership Law.

Position Overview:

Beaver Lake Cree Nation is currently drafting its Custom Membership Law. This requires input and feedback from Beaver Lake Cree Nation members.

To assist in this objective, the Membership Committee will be set up to facilitate engagement with members of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation to gather input on the Custom Membership Law.

More specifically, the Membership Committee will have the following structure, responsibilities and duties.


The Membership Committee will:

  • Be independent of Chief and Council; and
  • Consist of five (7) Beaver Lake band members comprised of:
    • Two (2) BLCN elder (on-reserve)
    • Two (2) Off-reserve BLCN member
    • Two (2) On-reserve BLCN member
    • The BLCN Housing Manager

A call-out will be put to BLCN members. Interested band members are asked to submit why they are a good candidate to be on the Committee. Candidates are also asked to submit their cover letter and resume as well as two references (professional and/or personal-elder) in application for the positions available on the membership committee to membership@blcn.ca or drop them off at the Band Office.

If there aren’t enough BLCN members who express interest in being on the Committee, the BLCN Membership Clerk will appoint Committee members who he/she thinks would best serve the role and responsibilities of the Committee.

Please have Resume & Cover Letter submitted by December 30, 2017

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