Housing & Public Works current and future construction

Housing & Public Works

The Housing and Public Works Department is responsible for the Nation’s housing repair and maintenance, as well as all public works and services functions including roads maintenance (gravelling, grading, snow removal), solid waste removal, water treatment, and wastewater management.

We work to ensure that Beaver Lake Cree Nation Members are provided accommodations in accordance with Alberta’s Health and Safety Standards and receive services that directly and positively impact each Members’ quality of life.

Housing repair and maintenance provides scheduled service maintenance to the 112 livable units and includes:


  • Service and maintain all tank components. We regularly clean out septic tanks, monitor pumps, filters, and lines from the house to the tank.


  • Service and maintain hot water tanks, toilets, sinks, and lines connecting to and from equipment
  • Repair or replace damaged parts
  • Provide emergency services and respond to after-hour calls


  • Replace furnace filters, clean, ,repair, and maintain of all equipment


  • Repair or replace damaged structural components such as roofs, exterior doors, windows, accessibility upgrades etc


  • Drain and clean out the tank, flush the lines out, check and monitor the pumps and lines attached, set up schedule for water delivery. Repair or replace damaged cisterns.


  • Contracted as needed

Emergency Services (780) 404-9254 BLCN Fire Hall (780) 623-2867
Manager (780) 623-4549 ext 1011
Housing Clerk (780) 623-4549
Public Works (780) 623-4577
Water Treatment Plant (780) 623-7185