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Beaver Lake Cree Nation

This land is our spiritual, physical, and economic homeland. We keep this land in honour of our ancestors and on behalf of our future generations, so that as long as the sun shines, the rivers flow, and the grass grows, we can continue our traditional way of life.

Canada's Proposed Indigenous Rights Recognition and Implementation Framework

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Published November 13, 2018Canada's Proposed Indigenous Rights Recognition and Implementation Framework

Treaty No. 6 Territory / Edmonton, November 13, 2018)

We are Treaty Tribes, Nations and Peoples of Treaty No. 6 (1876 and adhesions thereto). Several Treaty No. 6 Chiefs have sent letters to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ensure that the positions of Treaty Nations is on record regarding rejection of Canada’s Proposed Indigenous Rights Recognition and Implementation Framework. The letters are in response to Minister Carolyn Bennett’s public message, “No stopping the framework says Minister Bennett, but she’s listening (October 29, 2018).” “The First Nations have made it known publicly and in writing that Canada’s aggressive agenda to expedite plans to create legislation designed to deny our rights to lands and resources have been done all without our Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC). This does not bring Honour to the Crown,” Chief Craig Makinaw.

“Our sacred treaty matters were not addressed - instead the Minister in July of 2018 sent out a form letter that completely mischaracterized the process and did not include one word on the treaty issues raised in our letter. Onion Lake was not the only Nation to send a letter against the process. Canada has chosen to ignore those letters resorting to fabrications,” stated Okimaw Henry Lewis.

There was an expedited engagement period for the Framework process, and the results contained in the roll-up documents were selective in nature, supporting only Canada’s pre-determined positions and goals and were dispensed only at federally pre-selected and managed meetings, and not released to our Nations.

Chief Kurt Burnstick has stated: “As Treaty Peoples, Canada always must bring honour of the Crown into dealings with our Nations. The present process is full of sharp dealings that bring no honour to either the Crown or the state of Canada.”

“The Framework is in direct conflict with our Treaty, inherent rights and title. The process does not recognize nor respect our jurisdiction,” stated Chief Tony Alexis.

“It is clear for our First Nations that continuing with this process will result in a major set-back for the renewal of the relationship between Canada and Treaty First Nations,” stated Chief Billy Morin.

“In light of the deteriorating situation in Canada, the Treaty Peoples have tried many ways to open a dialogue with Canada. We have written letters and provided materials to Canada without any formal response. For the sake of our Peoples’ and our children’s children, we must collectively find a path to advance and implement the Treaty made with the British Crown,” stated Chief Eddy Makokis.

For more information please contact:
Tara Cutarm
Ermineskin Communications
ph: 780-360-5756

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Response to Lac La Biche Post 'Chop Shop' Story

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Published October 18, 2018Social Media Response to Lac La Biche Post 'Chop Shop' Story

Beaver Lake Cree Nation, Treaty No. 6, Oct 19, 2018

On October 18, 2018 the Lac La Biche Post published a story, Lac La Biche RCMP: Three men connected to ‘chop shop’ – Two arrested, one wanted as police raid ‘chop shop’. Following this publication and subsequent posting on social media there has been considerable backlash online regarding the persons arrested and the charges laid against them.

Beaver Lake and its citizens have never, and will never condone criminal activity within our Territories. Beaver Lake Cree Nation continues to work in the best interest of the people, even those struggling and a dealing with multiple challenges.

We realize that many communities, rural and urban are dealing with increased criminal activity in Alberta. Beaver Lake has been proactive by hiring a RCMP officer through K-Division to help remedy and combat these unfortunate activities, actively working and communicating with the RCMP and its members.

The Beaver Lake Cree Nation Chief and Council will continue to stand with our people, and Indigenous, Inuit and Métis people from all across Turtle Island. We also encourage Canadians to work in partnership with the many challenges that impact all our lives. We encourage collaboration, understanding and kind hearts to work to and remedy issues that transcend cultural boundaries in person and online.

J. Geoffrey Rankin
Band Administrator
10 Cardinal Drive. BLCN

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